A Sustainable Approach to the Build & Construction

Steampunk and interior design can be defined as exposed machinery combined with a modern chic elegance. Gothic Victorian decoration offers a great example of Steam Punk design. It combined expressive elements from the industrial revolution and incorporated this style into gothic design. The result was a unique new style that offers and interior design style that adapts as our industrial styles develop.

Pendle was a thriving area for Mill towns in the early 1900’s. This has left a legacy of watermills, Cotton factories, mechanical inventions that facilitated the transport of products made during time of rapid development. Pendle is an area populated historical artifacts and and has area steeped in industrial history. The redevelopment of this precious heritage is visible across Pendle into a unique steampunk style can been seen across a number of mills that have been renovated in recent years.

With a collection of colours using metallic tones, coppers, bronzes, dark woods and leather set alongside a background of machine parts, clean-cut exposed mechanical workings with have been used in furniture such as lamps and doors handles the steampunk style results in a design style that is incandescent.

Exposed brickwork and beams, wooden door handles and staircases, metallic finished edges with leather furniture and wall art to include old maps and sepia photos all add to the unique finish that interior designers refer to as Steampunk.